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Lake Friendly Grants

What happens on land in our watersheds makes all the difference to water quality.

Watershed property owners play a huge role in keeping our lakes healthy and BRWD offers a lake-friendly grant program to help.

Human development around lakes usually results in less forest cover, more hard surfaces and more runoff and phosphorus entering lakes. More runoff means declining water quality and can lead to algae blooms. Once this downward cycle is started, it can be hard to stop. By taking simple actions, watershed property owners can help reduce erosion and runoff. Projects, such as rain gutters, rain barrels, runoff diverters and mulching or vegetating bare soil, can significantly reduce erosion and the amount of polluted runoff that reaches Adams Pond and Knickerbocker Lake.

To help watershed property owners and our public water supply, BRWD offers a lake-friendly grant program. Through this program, we offer technical and financial assistance to interested property owners. Every step of the process is voluntary.

BRWD offers free property evaluations and up to $1,000 to individual property owners and up to $2,000 to businesses and non-profit organizations in matching funds. In 2015, BRWD provided $8,051 to watershed property owners to help with the costs of fixing erosion and runoff problems and installing new septic systems.

Lake Friendly Grants
For more information on the
lake-friendly grant program,
contact Sue Mello at
(207) 633-4723 x 111 or
email suem@bbrwd.org.
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