Career Opportunities: Utilities Technician

Boothbay Region Water District, full-service water supplier in Maine, is looking for a resourceful utilities technician in the Boothbay Region for full-time employment.

Career Opportunities – Respecting and protecting the Boothbay Region water supply and watershed is just one way we take care of our customers and ensure they have the highest quality water for generations to come. Our mission is “To provide an adequate supply of safe public water for use by the inhabitants of the Boothbay Region.”


$23.00 / Hour

Job Type:

Full Time

Examples of Work Performed:

Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Perform Work:

General Description of Work:

The employee reports to and works under the direct supervision of the Water District Distribution Foreman and performs a variety of tasks related to the operation of the system. Skilled heavy labor is involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the Water Distribution System. Work assignments may be issued by office personnel as necessary in response to messages received at the District’s Administrative Office. The individual is scheduled by “On-Call” status for emergencies arising outside of normal working hours. Individuals working in this classification must be reliable and resourceful for they are required to respond in emergency situations and use independent judgement in resolving problems. Unique to this position is the necessity for close coordination with the Administrative Office and Northeast Security to assure that the Utilities Technician can be contacted during usual hours of work and when “On-Call.” Prompt response to calls of a routine nature is mandatory to assure customer service and in emergencies may be critical in order to avoid property damage.


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