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Customer Service

Customer Service

New construction or existing structures can apply online to have water service connected or turned on. You may also download a PDF to apply.

View and/or pay your water bill online through our secure payment portal.

See up-to-date seasonal water start-up information by region and street.

View a list of frequently asked questions that are often asked by customers like you.

Clean water, healthy land, happy customers.

Full Service Water Suppliers

We provide all your water-related services including hook-up and shut-off, water treatment, and seasonal services.

Environmenally Conscious

You can trust that Boothbay Region Water District protects the natural resources of our area to preserve the land and water supply for future generations.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our goal is to provide top-notch customer service while keeping you informed of all things that impact your drinking water and the Boothbay Region.

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