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Celebrate Drinking Water Week with Watershed Cleanup

By: Boothbay Region Water District

With seasonal drinking water startup complete, many in the Boothbay region are now opening up their cottages and businesses in anticipation of the busy summer season.

Drinking Water Week, May 2-8, is an opportunity for us all to stop and appreciate what it takes to deliver your tap water and our complete dependence on this renewable resource.

It takes a lot to prepare and distribute just about any high-quality product, and the Boothbay region’s drinking water is no exception. There’s a maze of infrastructure, some underground, some in plain sight, that all plays a critical role in ensuring the public water supply is safe and there when you need it.
Adams Pond and Knickerbocker Lake
Adams Pond and Knickerbocker Lake – Protecting Our Water Sources
Adams Pond and Knickerbocker Lake are the water bodies on which the Boothbay region depends for its public water supply. While we depend on these ponds for our water, the ponds themselves are completely dependent on the watersheds that surround them. What happens in the watersheds – all the land that drains to the ponds – is a major determinant of water quality and quantity.

In recognition of the importance of our drinking water and watershed protection, Boothbay Region Water District staff will be out picking up litter along the roadsides in the Adams Pond watershed on May 6.

We encourage other Adams Pond and Knickerbocker Lake watershed residents, and any other interested citizens, to join in this effort on May 6 or any day that works for them.

The Water District will take care of trash cleanup on Route 27 but if you want to clean up other watershed roadsides, please check in with us. We can loan you high visibility vests. We will provide trash bags and can pick up filled trash bags from the roadside – if you contact us in advance.

For further information, please contact Sue Mello at 207-350-3127 or suem@bbrwd.org